The story behind the Arphio brand


The story behind Arphio is an interesting one. Two leading pharmaceutical companies partnering with the mission to improve access to vital treatments to patients suffering from rare diseases.

When selecting the name and visual identity the mission and commitment to these patients, often with difficult to diagnose conditions, became the spirit the brand is to convey.

In the process of finding the right name, the project soon seemed to find its own voice, with the final decision on Arphio, a name derived from the words orphan and fidelity.

The expression of chromosome in our logo design, evolved early in the process as a symbol for every individual being unique. The tagline, colors, images, and other brand elements were carefully selected to communicate Arphio’s pledge to positively impact the lives of patients.

“50% of orphan patients are infants and children, where symptoms of rare diseases often start showing at an early age,” said Shlomo Sadoun, CEO of Arphio. “The Arphio team is well aware of the high misdiagnosis rate of rare disease patients, subsequently positioning detection and diagnosis high in the agenda. The aim is to drive the most accurate and effective treatment to those vulnerable patients.”

Arphio is founded with the desire to build awareness for rare diseases available treatments, making them more accessible to patients with unmet medical needs worldwide.

Stay tuned as we deliver on our vision and making patients life better.